Slow cooking with Cita's Salsa

Whenever I ask a customer if they have a crockpot the answer is always yes, but when I ask if they use it they usually say no.  If you’re the same it's time to dust off this priceless kitchen appliance and find your favorite Cita’s combination.  It will change your life!  If you’re a crock pot pro, try our salsas to make a winning combination that you will make again and again.

Pork country style ribs cooked in Garden Green served with navy beans, carrots, and cabbage.

Now that we have two bottle sizes to choose from we have updated the basic recipe, but honestly guys there’s no way you can mess this up.  Simply dump salsa and meat in crock pot, no water or other spices, and let the magic begin.  It’s seriously so easy I sometimes forget that I have something great to eat until I walk in the house and smell the goodness. 

12 oz bottle – 1-2 lbs of meat

16 oz bottle = 2-3 lbs of meat

 Cook on low for 6+ hours or high for 4-5 hours.  




How to serve


Garden Green

Chicken breasts/thighs

pork roast

country style ribs

Use in an enchilada casserole


Add in a can of hominy/black beans for an easy green chicken pozole.


Shredded meat for taco night or rice bowls at home


With steamed veggies

Red Rage


Fiery Fiesta


Rustic Ranchero



Beef roast, brisket


A taco bar is great for parties! Cook a beef roast and a pork roast for the next football watching party.  Add fresh salsa and toppings.  Add Cita’s Chile con Queso and our favorite tamales and fiesta like there’s no manana!