• Chips and salsa are the official state snack of Texas.
• Peppers have great nutritional value. Rich in vitamin A and double the amount of vitamin C found in citrus fruits, they contain age-defying and disease fighting antioxidants. Skip the cold-eeze and emergen-C. A spoonful of salsa can do the trick and tastes better, too!
• Hot peppers are beneficialin protection against peptic ulcer and gastrointestinal injury from aspirin by stimulating stomach secretion. Capsaicin has antibacterial and anesthetic properties. It is also used as active ingredient in arthritis treatments. 
• Wanna’ lose weight? Pile on Cita’s Salsa. Studies have shown that salsa may boost your metabolic rate and can help you eat less and feel satisfied.
• If your mouth is burning from a really hot batch of salsa…. don’t reach for the water. It will just distribute the heat Capsaicin is soluble in fat and alcohol, not water. Drink beer or better milk or yogurt to ease the burn.
Looking for a way to spicen things up in the bedroom, then chili peppers might be the answer. Capsaicin releases endorphins that may trigger feelings similar to those experienced during sexual arousal. Forget the oysters, reach for a jar of salsa!